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Upper Valley citizens fortunate to have excellent hospital

Snoqualmie Valley Hospital I wish to express my support of the Snoqualmie Valley Hospital and their efforts to provide excellent medical services to the community.
   As the Deputy Chief of Fire District 10 and responsible for the provision of Emergency Medical Services for King County Fire district 10, North Bend, Snoqualmie, and Fire District 38, the Fire District has found that the services provided by Snoqualmie Valley Hospital are comparable to many of the other Eastside hospitals.
   The important factors for effective pre-hospital emergency medical care include the citizen calling 911, the fire department Emergency Medical Services (EMS) response, a well-trained and staffed Emergency Department and hospital support.
   In the Upper Valley, citizens are fortunate to have a hospital emergency room that is staffed with Board Certified Emergency Physicians and well-trained nurses.
   Add to that a hospital staff and facility that can support your medical needs if you require admission for continued medical care. Snoqualmie Valley Hospital also provides excellent supportive care for your other emergent and routine medical needs.
   By having a hospital in your community and working closely with the hospital emergency department, the fire department can provide a total program of rapid and efficient emergency medical care.
   Snoqualmie Valley Hospital provides a capable and caring place for the firefighters to transport you in your time of need and allows the firefighters to continue providing emergency medical and fire response in the community.
   If the firefighters had to transport you to Bellevue or Seattle, the units would not be available for the next hour or so while transporting you to these facilities. Emergency pre-hospital care can continue to be delivered if the fire department only has to transport to a local facility.
   The community needs to support Snoqualmie Valley Hospital as a valuable community resource. A quality local hospital makes the area more desirable to industry and newcomers wanting to relocate to the Upper Valley area.

John K. Murphy, Deputy Fire Chief, King County Fire District 10