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Teen moves to withdraw guilty plea in trestle case

withdrawn guilty plea by Jeff Switzer
The teen who had pleaded guilty to pushing an 18-year-old Mill Creek man to his death wants to withdraw his plea, and a motion to do so was made in King County Superior Court July 12.
   Brain Schrader, 18, had pleaded guilty to second-degree murder for the Jan. 2 drowning death of Michael Schuerhoff and agreed to testify against the other teens in the case. But Schrader invoked his Fifth Amendment right at the trial and began the process for withdrawing his plea, hiring a new attorney, Jeff Smith.
   "He does not believe the plea was entered into with his full knowledge and understanding of the consequences," Smith said.
   Schrader remains in custody in the King County Jail with bail at $250,000. Sentencing had been scheduled for July 19; it has been moved to Sept. 5 in front of Judge Steven Scott, when Scott will also hear the motion to withdraw the guilty plea.
   Schrader pleaded guilty in exchange for the prosecution's recommended eight-year sentence for the crime. The standard range for the offense is 10 to 14 years.
   Dan Donohoe, spokesman for the Prosecutor's Office, said the prosecutor plans to argue against the motion to withdraw the guilty plea.