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Dick Spady, area entrepreneur, launches book on leadership

local entrepreneur by Matt Schroeder
Richard Spady, owner of Dick's Drive-In Restaurants and Doug's Boats in Woodinville, launched his first major book at the World Future Society in Washington, D.C. on July 14.
   Written in conjunction with Cecil Bell, Jr., a chairman at the UW School of Business, The Search for Enlightened Leadership attempts to diagnose problems with conventional leadership and find new forums for making decisions.
   "A whole new theory of communication has arisen, full blown, from the field of administration theory," said Spady. He feels the theories in his book apply to everyday human contact, as well as large organizations.
   "In large meetings," said Spady, "only a few people get to express their ideas, usually the most aggressive people. Logistically speaking, big meetings are also a huge inconvenience. A small, informal group of about ten people can generate and discuss ideas more efficiently and conveniently."
   This idea is one of the "Ten Dynamics of Governance and Administration," a series of theories, principles, and definitions on which the book is based.
   Since 1991, Spady has tried to implement some of his own ideas at Dick's Drive-in Restaurants. For instance, student employees can alter their work schedule four times a year, adjusting their workload each semester as necessary.
   Policies like this come from the theory that power is derived from the consent of others. In a repeating cycle, the leader is governed by his followers, just as they are governed by the leader. Both the employer and the employee have rights and obligations in this administrative model.
   The Search for Enlightened Leadership will eventually be a series of three books. The second is expected in 1997, and the third in 1998. Volume One: Applying New Administrative Theory is available at the University Bookstores and the Elliot Bay Bookstore in Pioneer Square.