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Snohomish County zoning proposal unfair

unfair zoning proposal I attended the Snohomish County Planning meeting on July 16. I did not speak, but my husband did. I chose to write our complaints instead.
   Our 14 acres, located at 7531 224th St. SE, Woodinville, is a part of 120 original acres of land my husband's father homesteaded in 1917. This land has been in our family for 90 years. My husband was born on it! His parents paid taxes all those years until we assumed our part in 1968. We have paid taxes and taxes and taxes! This year, our tax increased nearly 50% to $6,000!
   We are at retirement age and discontinuing our nursery business. Because of the extreme raise in our property tax, we felt forced to subdivide and sell some of our 2.3 acre parcels. We even made preliminary inquiries at the courthouse in May.
   We were not apprised of the county's intention to downsize our land. We could have already wasted our short plat money! We call the county's secrecy underhanded!!
   We, like so many others who spoke, have children and grandchildren to whom we may like to deed some of our property. Your plan to downsize our property makes this impossible! What kind of totalitarian government is it that takes a man's right to his own property which he has faithfully and consistently paid tax on?
   We watched as developers about seven years ago built 40 homes on 40 acres across the street from our land. Wide streets and a large greenbelt was included in the plan, leaving most of the houses located on one-half to three-quarters of an acre.
   Our 14 acres lie directly across the street from the development, Windsor Park, and just one mile from the King County and City of Woodinville line. Now [Snohomish County] wants to penalize us by forcing us to three five-acre lots with a "cluster" just across the street! NOT FAIR!
   We are not asking you to allow us to sell one-acre lots. We, as well as you, wish to preserve the quality of the land. But we believe that 2.3 acres is large enough to accommodate the protection needed.
   Leave our zoning alone!

Patricia Flanagan, Pat's Perennials, Woodinville