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King County's example of 'Fleecing of America'

Fleecing of America It's time for those who've been fighting the Union Hill-Novelty Hill proposal for two new cities (MPDs) to undertake the same sort of action. Except for Derdowski, the County Council and Locke ought to be brought down for their support of these big developments.
   Tax money has been wasted in an effort to show "due process" in what was actually a "done deal" about 10 years ago. It's our county's example of "The Fleecing of America," and should be fought to the end.
   Residents who will be negatively impacted by these huge developments--i.e., everybody living in what's left of rural King County--should join forces to get rid of the threats, once and for all.
   Then we should get rid of elected representatives willing to use tax money and established process unfairly for the benefit (and the political contributions) of large developers. And of course, that applies to Locke's candidacy for Governor, a post in which he'd be able to ravage the whole state.

Barbara Beeson, Redmond