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Hook, line, and sinker environmentalist parrotings

environmentalist parrotings Recent news articles and editorials about the state's "dirty" lakes, rivers, and coastal waters are hook, line, and sinker environmentalist parrotings and a press agent's dream.
   Which newspaper has bothered to learn that it takes only two exceedances of standards within a three-year period to earn the "polluted" designations, or that a one-degree-too-warm temperature is a pollution criteria? Or that the testers sometimes don't discriminate?
   An example is the Sammamish River, which qualifies as polluted because of temperature, dissolved oxygen (related to temperature) and fecal coliform. The temperature exceedance is caused by the Lake Sammamish weir outlet's pulling warm surface water into the river from the lake, instead of pulling from the cold lower lake layers. (The further from Lake Sammamish, the colder the river.)
   As to fecal coliform, only human-caused sources are supposed to count, including livestock waste and failing septic tanks. Along the Sammamish River, the urban areas are sewered, and the dairy farms are long gone. What is there is an abundance of ducks and geese which contribute mightily to fecal coliform.
   Government agency and environmental groups' emanations should be taken with a grain of salt, because their jobs depend on bad environmental news, requiring ever more taxpayer-financed research and cures. When original standards are met, the standards are raised, moving the goalposts ever further out.
   Aided by the media's gullibility and willingness to print the ever-bad news, the public is hornswoggled into believing Chicken Little's sky-is-falling routine. Therefore, the public stands quietly waiting to be fleeced.

Maxine Keesling, Woodinville