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Support needed now for Cedar County movement

Cedar County We need community support for the Cedar County movement. We are asking that you help in the effort to create the new county: It's where you live.
   The results of the signature validation tell us for the first time where we are on the road to Cedar County. Signatures needed to create Cedar County: 22,517. Count of valid signatures: 16,098. Signatures needed: 6,419.
   We need those signatures by Sept. 1. We need your help now.
   Why a new county? Cedar County will offer a more accessible, accountable, and representative county government. The present King County Council is dominated by urban-oriented council members. This results in substandard representation for the rural area.
   Who and what is behind the "new county" idea? The Cedar County Committee is a group of your neighbors who recognize the need for a new county government.
   This is a "grass roots" movement with no ties to any organization or special interest group. We are a non-profit corporation consisting of people who donate their time to this effort. Our sole purpose is the formation of Cedar County.
   This is your last opportunity to make Cedar County happen. You can do your part by calling and asking for a petition, then signing the petition and getting your friends, relatives, and neighbors to sign as well. Please join in and do your part to make Cedar County happen!
   Cedar County is no different from the rest of the "grass roots movements;" it needs money to keep going. Any help you can give in this respect would be greatly appreciated. You can send a check to The Cedar County Committee; P.O. Box 497; Hobart, WA 98025.
   Please--don't put this off! This must be done now. This is our last chance to make Cedar County your new home. Otherwise, we are doomed to remain King County!
   For information, call Lois at 206-836-0272.

Verna S. Pearson, Issaquah