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Citizens risk 'havoc' with pipeline

pipeline opposed A newspaper headline a few weeks ago caught my eye. It said, "Olympic Pipeline leaks fuel, but cause is still not known."
   The story related how cleanup crews were soaking up a gasoline and diesel spill in Everett caused by a pinhole-sized leak in the Olympic Pipeline. Neither the cause of the leak nor the extent of the damage had been determined.
   A construction crew installing a water line for the city of Everett discovered the fuel seeping into a drainage ditch on the west side of Ebey Slough. A local newspaper carried more details and noted the leak included as much as 2,000 gallons of diesel and gas!
   An Olympic spokesman said, "It's just caused us some real havoc." I note the dictionary definition of "havoc" is "wide destruction," and that is the risk we citizens take if we allow Texaco, Arco, and GATX (Olympic Pipe Line Co.) to put a pipeline across our rivers and land.
   We need your signature on the advisory petitions against the pipeline. If you need a copy, please call 888-1824 and we'll get one in the mail to you pronto.

Vickie Woods, North Bend