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Volunteers give local home a facelift

Avondale House

Windermere employees worked again this year to improve Avondale House.

Avondale House by Matt Schroeder
Home improvement was the name of the game June 21, when more than 30 volunteers from Windermere Real Estate descended on Avondale House with paint, plants, hammers, and nails.
   The local home for mentally ill senior citizens was the focus this year of Windermere's annual community service effort. In the one-day mass effort, volunteers raised a vegetable garden, converted the basement into a recreation room, created a gravel walkway, and placed over 20 hanging plants to improve living conditions for Avondale House residents.
   While Windermere employees, their families, and friends supplied the manpower, several local companies donated supplies. J & S Landscaping, Ernst, Parker Paints, and McLendon Hardware contributed paint, gravel, and other supplies to help the project.
   Avondale House was the target of the community service project last year, as well. Before that, Windermere's improvement program assisted Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Academy and private homes in need.