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Dining In: Cool ideas for hot nights

recipes Here are some cool ideas for hot nights in the kitchen. Don't forget the frozen yogurt pie for a refreshing dessert.

Bee sting allergy aware

bee sting allergies Less than 4% of the 25 million Americans stung by insects each year have allergic reactions. Lots of worry and unneeded medications can be avoided by recognizing the normal reactions to stings.

Fair offers beer & wine competition

beer & wine competition For the first time in its history, the Evergreen State Fair in Monroe is going to host a competition for homemade beer, wine, and liqueur.

Warm water exercise in Woodinville

arthritis program Northshore YMCA's arthritis program, called "Joint Effort," is now held at the YMCA's C.O. Sorenson facility at 13209 NE 175th Street in Woodinville.

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