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Countywide burn ban

   The King County Fire Marshal's office instituted a countywide burn ban beginning July 25. The continued warm weather has created extremely dry and hazardous conditions making burning outdoors extremely hazardous, officials said.
   The Department of Natural Resources is cooperating in the ban, which will remain in effect until a considerable amount of rain has relieved the dry conditions.
   For more information, call Gay Johnson, assistant fire marshal, at (206) 296-7075.

Bill supports aid to violent crime victims

   The proposed Joey Levick Bill states that any person who ignores an obviously injured victim of a violent crime and fails to call for emergency assistance will be prosecuted as an accessory to assault; or for homicide, if the victim dies as a result of the lack of emergency assistance. The person would also be civilly liable. For more information on the bill, call 946-3951.