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Spaces still open in PACE program

PACE program Limited spaces are still available for the PACE program at Wellington Elementary for fall 1996.
   This alternative program is offered as part of Northshore School District and differs from the regular elementary programs in its formalized parent participation in planning and classroom activities as well as its commitment to multi-aged, child-directed learning and family involvement.
   There are four PACE programs throughout the school district, with the first program begun 25 years ago when parents requested such an opportunity from the school board. Since then, additional locations have been added, with the latest being the Wellington program which began last year with a 1st-2nd-3rd grade classroom and a 4th-5th-6th class.
   To find out more about Wellington PACE, contact Heather Stark, 883-6024, or Deanna Egge, 788-1647.