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Area athlete heads for Atlanta

Paralympic games by Matt Schroeder
Woodinville athlete Shane Slade-Compton is going to Atlanta to run the 100-meter dash in the upcoming Paralympic games.
   The games, which begin 10 days after the closing ceremonies of the '96 Olympics, will have the same events and facilities as the summer games. Athletes who are sight impaired, amputees, and wheelchair-bound are all eligible to compete.
   Slade-Compton, a partial right leg amputee, qualified last year at nationals in Austin, Texas. He was the guest speaker last May at a luncheon held by the Woodinville Kiwanis, where he received a certificate and a check to help him get to Atlanta. He spoke about his experiences, and what he hopes to accomplish.
   "I'm nervous, but excited," Slade-Compton said. "This is to show that I'm just as good as those with two legs."
   He trains six days a week in addition to working full-time as the assistant manager of a downtown Seattle business.
   Slade-Compton also competes regularly, with upcoming meets in New York, Connecticut, and California.