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Falsehoods presented as facts

falsehoods vs. facts The ongoing debate over the Sorenson Community Center in the Letters to the Editor section is a vital part of helping the voters decide this issue.
   However, when falsehoods are presented as facts, such as they were in a letter last week, it is an insult to the voters and not a help.
   First it was claimed the REET (Real Estate Excise Tax) moneys can be used only for roads. The REET funds in question may be used for any capital project, whether they be roads, parks, or community centers.
   Secondly, it was claimed that the city declined to spend $1.3 million to participate with King County in a road project on 124th NE. The city's share, if it were to participate, is one-third higher, $1.8 million to be exact. The city declined because the same solutions could be provided for one-third the cost, as described below.
   Finally, it was implied that the city is ignoring the traffic problems on 124th NE entirely. This, too, is incorrect: our current CIP (Capital Improvement Projects) identifies two left-turn pockets and sidewalks/bikeways for 124th NE. These are the cost-effective projects mentioned above. They are designed to correct traffic problems for the citizens of Woodinville, and not to widen 124th NE, as the King County project would.
   There is no room in a serious public debate on a serious question for the kind of misrepresentations I just mentioned. Let's all try to practice democracy the old-fashioned way through reasoned debate, respectful disagreement, and factual information.

Don Brocha, Deputy Mayor, Woodinville