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Spend taxpayers' money wisely

spend taxes wisely Here are figures for the Woodinville voters to look at and compare:
   This old school building is sure to have asbestos all over the place, old pipes, old wiring, old sewer system, etc. There should not even be another vote taking place.
   When you read the police beat, with crime taking place after the Monday-Friday 9-5 office hours of the Woodinville Police Department due to money shortage, then the City Council should shift the attention to raising the money for a full-time police force around the clock, seven days a week.
   The taxpayers' money should be used very wisely.
   I would also like all City of Woodinville residents to know that after the residents in Kingsgate had to change their address from Kirkland to Woodinville, we all had to pay a lot more in car insurance, because Woodinville has a bad rating due to all the serious accidents in 98072.
   It would also be an excellent project to work on. Lives would be saved and money, too.

C. deBoer, Kingsgate