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Fire District personnel openly advocates its agenda

open agenda As an employee of the Woodinville Fire District, I would like to comment on a recent letter printed in the Opinion section of the Weekly.
   There have been some changes in the attitude of the Board of Fire Commissioners over the past few months. It seems that some of your readers have some concerns with these changes and choose to express their displeasure in your newspaper.
   The letter that struck me as being very negative and possibly damaging to the reputation of the Fire District was an eight-point response to previous comments made by the commissioners. The writer accuses them of having a "Hidden Agenda."
   I would like to remind the writer of the agenda that Woodinville Fire and Life Safety District openly advocates: Dedicated to the preservation and protection of life and property through education, fire prevention, emergency services, and disaster preparedness. This agenda is proudly displayed at every fire station in the district.
   Woodinville Fire District has 57 career firefighters and fire officers that have made it their profession to serve the citizens of Woodinville and the surrounding communities. It is these dedicated people supported by our administrative staff that enables the Woodinville Fire District to deliver excellent emergency and non-emergency services.
   As publicly elected officials, it is the responsibility of the Board of Fire Commissioners to establish policy that guides these people in their service to the community. I don't always agree with the methods used or the decisions made by the board of commissioners, past or present, but I don't doubt their commitment to the department's agenda.
   I do appreciate citizens expressing interest and showing support for their fire department. I encourage them to participate in the ongoing debate that affects the decisions made in furthering its agenda.
   I believe that all the citizens involved with Woodinville Fire District are interested in promoting and improving it. I can only hope that they will stay involved in a positive manner to help the department maintain and further its good reputation.

Bryce Riddell, Woodinville