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Proposal illegal, constitutionally wrong

illegal proposal On July 29 in the Northlake News, I read that there is an effort to get a bill through our state government that would make it a crime for anybody that ignores an obviously injured victim of a violent crime and fails to call for emergency assistance and for that person to be charged with an accessory to assault or for homicide if the victim dies.
   Now, I'll be the first to go and help someone in need anytime, anywhere, but I feel that any legislation that requires an innocent person to get involved in any crime and then penalizes that person because they choose not to get involved is sending the wrong message to the taxpayers, not to mention being flat-out illegal and constitutionally wrong.
   I think anytime a person is the victim of any crime it is a tragedy, but to have a law that states that you must get involved is wrong.
   As much as all of us want to see more assistance directed towards our law enforcement, we must not cross the line between freedom to choose and that of a law enforcing us to act.
   This bill as it stands is wrong and must be rethought and rewritten, as well. Since Sen. Darlene Fairley is on the committee that will be reviewing this legislation, I am contacting her to look into this bill and the originators, "Justice for Joy Committee," located in Federal Way, Washington. I would encourage any person interested in the legality of the legislation to contact Sen. Fairley and let her know how you feel.

Mike Crow, Bothell