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Vance and his constituents are the real 'NIMBYs'

the real NIMBYs Chris Vance calls us "a bunch of disgruntled urban NIMBYs." He's given his developer friends every policy change needed to keep Blakely Ridge and Northridge alive, despite the near unanimous opposition by the local citizens and the City of Redmond.
   He renamed the projects to Fully Contained Communities to keep them afloat, and the courts will soon have to decide the fate of "our" district.
   Now Chris Vance is whining about the third runway at SeaTac. "The rest of the region is simply content to go forward with a project which is dramatically going to hurt the people that I represent," Vance said. "Everyone has talked about how important it is for the region, but the only people who have ever focused on the specifics of the third runway are the people who live in the area."
   Well, Mr. Vance, unlike the unneeded urbanization you're bringing into our "rural" community, the third runway "is" needed for the region, and unlike the people who moved near SeaTac who benefited from the lower home prices, people who have moved to the Bear Creek area came here because it is a rural community.
   Your actions have been focused to destroy our neighborhoods to give your biggest contributors their new cities, and "we" know just how devastating they will be to "our" district.
   You and your constituents are the "disgruntled 'urban' NIMBYs," and your "stick it in someone else's backyard" type of politics is the reason government ignores the local objections to your runway and to our developments.

Michael Costello, Redmond