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Sport teaches lifelong lessons

fast-pitch softball It's good to see so many girls playing fast-pitch softball. Not only is it a fun sport, but it also builds character, discipline, self-esteem, and confidence, particularly at the pitching position. These qualities are a must in not only fast-pitch softball, but in life as well.
   How could such a sport build these important qualities in a person? Simple: a combination of a determined, ambitious athlete, and a huge amount of support given by coaches, family, and friends.
   Many girls who pick up a softball with a desire to learn the art of pitching try it for a few months or weeks but never continue any further. Why? They become frustrated with their lack of success or discouraged because they can't see any immediate results. So, the end result is that they quit.
   Where did their desire and ambition vanish to, or why didn't they bounce back and learn from their pitching mistakes? The main reason for this drastic action is due to the fact that the pitcher doesn't have a good understanding of how much time and effort is needed to master such a skill. Perhaps this lack of understanding is because the coach or whoever is teaching has not made this important factor known.
   However, after a pitcher has become aware, the next important step is maintaining the discipline of practicing even when everything isn't going as smoothly as she had hoped it would. From this discipline comes determination and tenacity, useful life skills. The confidence comes with the hard work, progress, and the praise from various fans as well as coaches, friends, and family.
   If these things are neglected to be covered in the learning of this impressive skill, the pitcher will potentially be set up for a tense or anxious season which can cause injury and/or a weaker performance, and a low self-esteem on and off the field.
   So, as we gaze at the world of softball, let us not forget that this is not just a game of fun, it is a lifelong lesson designed to help form confident, well-rounded, successful people.

Amy Robert, Bothell