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Local teacher gets own art show

local teacher's art show by Matt Schroeder
Woodinville High School Teacher Lynne Saad was on hand at the opening of her own show at the University of Washington's Cunningham Gallery Aug. 2. Twenty-eight of Saad's paintings are on display through September 20.
   The Cunningham exhibit contains paintings done over the past several years, though half were painted in the past few months. Saad is one of seven artists who were chosen to have their own shows out of 130 applicants.
   Of the pieces on exhibit, five are prints and five are shrines. The rest are Saad's specialty: mixed media collages. Instead of a standard canvas, Saad paints over a collage of airline ticket stubs, pieces of maps, stamps, rice paper, etc. Most of the paintings are representational, with a few abstract pieces.
   "They are all inner images," said Mrs. Saad. "Places and images and designs that come from my mind."
   Although she has a broad art background, this is only her second show. The first took place last December at a gallery in Ballard.
   Saad teaches beginning and advanced drawing and painting, commercial art, and calligraphy at Woodinville High School. She and her husband, Jack Saad, have both taught at WHS since the school opened in 1982.
   The Saads are two of the best-known teachers on campus. Mr. Saad is known for his dry wit and his car fetish, while students speak of Mrs. Saad's free spirit and unique teaching style. One of her techniques is to play music by Enya, her favorite new-age singer, in class to help stir the creative juices of her students. She has been a teacher for over 24 years.
   "I really love my work," she said. "You know how there is one job that uses all your talents? Well, I found it, and it still makes me happy."
   The Cunningham Gallery is located on the first floor of Cunningham Hall on the University of Washington campus. The gallery is open to the public 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.