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Weekly bids farewell to summer interns

summer interns The Woodinville Weekly is sending Mina Hochberg and Matt Schroeder, its summer interns, off to school with an enlarged perspective on community journalism and hours of interviewing, writing, and rewriting under their belts.

Golden Anniversary: Dick & Jean Middaugh

golden anniversary The children and grandchildren of Dick and Jean Middaugh will host an open house in honor of the couple's 50th wedding anniversary.

Woodinvillian turns 99

99th birthday As of July 23, Anna Thomas of Woodinville has lived one year short of a century. She celebrated her birthday with 93 of her descended family members present.

Godzilla's friendly cousin spotted over 60 Acres

dragon balloon Local residents who may have seen a dragon at the 60-Acres Soccer Fields a few weeks ago can rest assured that they are neither crazy nor in danger of being eaten. Oggopogo the dragon, Oggie for short, is a hot air balloon.