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Races begin for political office

Filing deadline passes

fall election The hats are in the ring. Here is a rundown of races and candidates:

State Legislature

District 1: District 5: District 45: District 44 (Snohomish County):


   District 1: Rick White (R-Bainbridge Island); Jeff Coopersmith (D-Seattle); Don Stuart (D-Shoreline).
   District 8: Dave Little (D-Bellevue); Jennifer Dunn (R-Bellevue).

Statewide offices

   Governor: Ellen Craswell (R-Poulsbo); Gary Locke (D-Seattle); Dale Foreman (R-Wenatchee); Pam Roach (R-Auburn); Jeff Powers (Socialist Workers-Seattle); Norman Rice (D-Seattle); Nona Brazier (R-Maple Valley); Bryan Zetlen (D-Seattle); Norm Maleng (R-Seattle); Bob Tharp (R-Vancouver); Jim Waldo (R-Vashon); Jay Inslee (D-Bainbridge); Mohammed Said (D-Ephrata); Warren Hanson (R-Bellingham); Max Englerius (D-Seattle).

   Lt. Governor: Brad Owen (D-Shelton); Shawn Newman (Reform Party-Olympia); Frank Gavaldon (D-Univ. Place); Harvey Billmaier (D-Lacey); Paull Shin (D-Mukilteo); Jim West (R-Spokane); Bob Owen (D-Olympia); Ed Torres (R-Orting); Art Rathjen (Libertarian-Hoquiam); Ann Anderson (R-Acme); Bambi Lin Litchman (D-Tacoma); Michael Hackett (Natural Law-Marysville); Bruce Buckles (R-Redmond); Gerald Goodloe (R-Snohomish).

   Secretary of State: Ralph Munro (R-Olympia); Phyllis Kenney (D-Seattle); Gary Gill (Natural Law-Lynnwood).

   State Treasurer: Mike Murphy (D-Olympia); Lucy DeYoung (R-Woodinville); Jack Kiley (D-Olympia); Randolph Bell (R-Tacoma).

   State Auditor: Nina Becker (R-Spokane); Brian Sonntag (D-Tacoma); Mike The Mover (R-Edmonds); Robert Keene, Jr. (R-Bellevue); David Mackenzie (R-Harrington).

   Attorney General: Christine Gregoire (D-Olympia); Richard Pope (R-Shoreline); Richard Shepard (Libertarian-Tacoma); Luanne Coachmane (Natural Law-Kent).

   Commissioner of Public Lands: Bruce Mackey, (R-Olympia); Jennifer Belcher (D-Olympia); Patrick Parrish (R-Trout Lake); Randy Boss (R-Gig Harbor); Marc Strauch (Natural Law-Edmonds).

   Insurance Commissioner: Dave Walker (R-Lacey); Tony Lowe (R-Redmond); Steve Skipper (R-Federal Way); Deborah Senn (D-Seattle); Brian McCulloch (R-Shoreline); Garland Connor (R-Mercer Island); Steve Sevick (Natural Law-Redmond).

   Superintendent of Public Instruction (NP): Jed Brown (Rollingbay); Ron Taber (Olympia); Terry Bergeson (Olympia); Chris Vance (Kent); Gloria Guzman Johannessen (Pasco); Richard Fuller (Pullman); Dan Leahy(Olympia); Nancy Hidden-Dodson (Hansville); Raul de la Rosa (Olympia); Earl Laberge (Gig Harbor); Mae Laverne Lovern (Tacoma).

King County Superior Court

   Of the 49 positions posted, only 13 are contested. Unopposed candidates are automatically re-elected to their benches and will not appear on the fall ballot.

   Position 2: Harriet Cody, Seattle; Bruce Gardiner, Kirkland; Mary Ellen Ramey, Seattle.
   Position 3: John Darrah, Seattle; Norman Leopold, Issaquah.
   Position 6: Joan Allison, Seattle; Paul Feinsod, Seattle; Phil Hubbard, Seattle.
   Position 8: Marilyn Sellers, Seattle; Jay White, Seattle.
   Position 9: Jo Anne Alumbaugh, Seattle; John Costco, Seattle; Jeff Ramsdell, Seattle.
   Position 10: Glenna Hall, Seattle; Dale Ulin, Newcastle.
   Position 11: Kevin Dolan, Seattle; Theresa Gibbons, Seattle; Richard Ishikawa, Bellevue.
   Position 24: Michael Fox, Seattle; Marilou Rickert, Seattle.
   Position 26: Jeannette Burrage, Des Moines; Bill Fligeltaub, Seattle; Doug North, Seattle.
   Position 32: Peter Camp, Seattle; LeRoy McCullough, Renton.
   Position 34: Thomas Kellenberg, Seattle; Michael Trickey, Lake Forest Park.
   Position 38: Jim Bates, Bellevue; Rexford Lawrence, Bothell.
   Position 46: Suzanne Barnett, Seattle; Sally Phillips Pasette, Seattle.

Court of Appeals

   Position 6: Walter Webster, Bellevue.

King County District Court, Northeast Electoral District

   Position 1: David Steiner, Kirkland.