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Woodinville resident aids police in nabbing car prowler

car prowler by Jeff Switzer
WOODINVILLE--The sound of breaking glass at 4 a.m. woke up La Chardonnay resident Sheryl Baskett. Like most people in the area, she had left her window open because of the recent heat wave.
   She peered outside and saw a man reaching into another car through a broken window. Baskett then called 911.
   Police arrived on the scene and Baskett directed them to where the prowler was. Found in the front seat of a car and working on removing the radio, police took a 21-year-old Seattle man into custody, along with two other stereos, two stereo faceplates, and several tools police suspect he used to gain entry to two additional vehicles in the carports at the La Chardonnay Condominium complex.
   "Her effort exemplifies the philosophy of community policing," said Police Sgt. Rich Krogh. "The partnership between the citizens and police and cooperation to solve problems."
   Krogh said she could have very easily hung up and when the officers arrived, they might not have been able to locate the prowler.
   "Her dedication to help the officers and stay and help direct their efforts in a safe way is a prime example of what we strive for in community policing."
   The suspect is expected to be charged with second-degree possession of stolen property.
   Baskett will be receiving a certificate of recognition from the Woodinville City Council for her role in helping police apprehend the suspect.