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Jump rope team leaps to challenge

jump rope team

Stacey Jackson (left), Jenny Iverson, Tarilyn Isenhart (behind Iverson), and Anna Jenkins (right) received a silver medal for their performance in the Double Dutch, Double Freestyle event.

rope-skipping championships by Matt Schroeder
The Woodinville-based jumprope team known as the Skiperiors returned from the national rope-skipping championships at Disney World last month.
   Although they had been to world championships before, this was the team's first trip to nationals. They passed preliminary trials at the Indiana Jones Theater June 28 and 29. Finals, broadcast on ESPN, took place June 30.
   With Coach Rene Biboud providing color commentary for ESPN, the Skiperiors made their mark, claiming three gold, two silver, and three bronze medals. Jenny Iverson won two gold medals, one for single freestyle and one for speed. Coach Biboud herself took gold in the adult age-bracket single freestyle event.
   The Skiperiors won silver in two brackets of double-dutch, each team member receiving a medal. Jenny Iverson, Tara Isenhart, Anna Jenkins and Stacy Jackson comprised one team, while Randy Lyman, Kylene Gordon, Piper Sather and Laura Isenhart made up the other.
   In addition to the competition, the Skiperiors performed for Disney World visitors on New York Street one hot afternoon. The experience is remembered as one of the highlights of the trip.
   Coach Biboud, an eight-time world champion herself, also shot a jumprope video on the trip. Under the working title of "World of Jumproping, Adult Workout," the video shows the benefits of jumping rope as aerobic exercise.
   Now, back in Western Washington, the Skiperiors continue to train and perform at area schools for the American Heart Association. And, according to Coach Biboud, they have a plan for the future.
   "We're going to raise funds, go back next year and win more medals," said Biboud.
   Team members include: Stephanie Kimball, Kristen Defazio, Kylene Gordan, Tarilyn Isenhart, Randi Lyman, Jenny Iverson, Piper Sather, Anna Jenkins, Stacey Jackson, Brooke Thayer, LeAnn Canady, Sydney Gunn, Kevin Canady, Samantha Wheeler, Anna Brown, Laura Isenhart, Leanne Harrington, Kristen Thayer, Mary Phelps, and Kathryn Isenhart.
   The Skiperiors advocate rope-jumping for exercise and entertainment. To get involved, contact your local Boys and Girls Club.