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City park really a daydream

a daydream During this recent wave of warm to hot weather, I took advantage of the new tree-lined park in the middle of downtown Woodinville, the one that is at least 10-15 acres of trees and benches and has a little wading pool for the kiddies.

Vine maples weed-whipped to death

weed-whipped vine maples I am sad in my heart again. By spring, two lovely vine maples by tributary 87, as it flows along the south bypass, will be dead. Weed-whipped to death.

Mumbo jumbo on civic center issue

mumbo jumbo It is nice to know that some things never change. Mr. Dixon didn't understand the budget and the capital improvement program when he was on the City Council, and he still doesn't.

The real costs of civic center

civic center I really appreciate Deputy Mayor Don Brocha setting the record straight. Apparently the County Councilmember who told me that the city only had to put up $1.3 million told me a falsehood, which I repeated.

Perhaps printing letter was a test

a test? So, Minnie Russe had a bad experience with a male driver coming out of a driveway without signaling. Then she decided that not signaling was a characteristic of all men, apparently one that women are innocent of.

Murray's voting record belies her professed concern

Murray's voting record Once again, Patty Murray has shown her two faces. She has just invited all Washington Veterans to a Town Hall Meeting with the Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Jesse Brown.

Help save America's favorite pastime in Woodinville

America's pastime Baseball is, as many people say, "a great pastime," and I agree, it is. And what will happen to all the players and fans of baseball if all the fields are taken away? Go back to watching them on TV and not getting out in the sun?

Reevaluate America's pastime

reevaluate sports The fast-paced advance of technology and the undeniable knowledge that money motivates the world has left us with one desperate question: Where can we find common ground among ourselves?

Pipeline claims unsubstantiated

unsubstantiated claims I was able to have access to Olympic's brochure, distributed at a Chamber of Commerce meeting: Thirty-two pages on both sides, many of them glossies, color pictures, charts, maps--to me, it was a lot of unsubstantiated claims.