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City park really a daydream

a daydream During this recent wave of warm to hot weather, I took advantage of the new tree-lined park in the middle of downtown Woodinville, the one that is at least 10-15 acres of trees and benches and has a little wading pool for the kiddies.
   It was great to walk along the path that goes around the outside of this fabulous park. I said a friendly "Hi" to all the people I have met there at this Woodinville version of Greenlake over the last few weeks since it opened.
   What a great community asset this is! People can shop at Molbak's, eat at Las Margaritas, bring food from Burger King or Taco Time, go shopping just down the street, all within a short distance of this wonderful park. Maybe in the near future, more cascading pools will allow this neat park to become even more desirable.
   And all those kids' concerts! This is one thing the city fathers sure did good on.
   Then I stopped my daydreaming, and realized I was being fried by the new acres of asphalt of the new Target/Cinema parking lot complex the city "fathers" really did to us. No shady spots. No friendly encounters with people. No place for a recreational walk, jog, stroll. Over there are people screaming at each other, for traffic congestion is just pathetic.
   Boston has its commons. N.Y. has its Central Park. Seattle wants its "commons." And what do we get? More asphalt. More congestion. Unneeded stores and movie theatres. Just more of the same stupidity from the Woodinville City Council.

Jim Bressani, Woodinville