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Mumbo jumbo on civic center issue

mumbo jumbo It is nice to know that some things never change. Mr. Dixon didn't understand the budget and the capital improvement program when he was on the City Council, and he still doesn't.
   Once again, he is trying to mislead the voters. In his recent letter, he states that the council cannot use $1.6 million in Real Estate Excise Tax (REET) funds (that we already have in reserves) for the improvements necessary to bring the Old Woodinville School up to code to comply with handicapped accessibility laws if the voters approved the Civic Center bond issue.
   Mr. Dixon says REET dollars can only be spent on traffic-related needs. Mr. Dixon is dead wrong.
   According to state law, REET dollars "are to be spent on 'capital projects' which are defined as including "...parks; recreational facilities; law enforcement facilities; fire protection facilities, trails, libraries; administrative and judicial facilities..."
   The Citizens Advisory Committee and the City Council have always had the position that the Civic Center project should be paid for from a combination of resources--a bond issue for the land and buildings, part of the reserve funds for necessary upgrading of facilities, and current general fund monies.
   I find it ironic that when Mr. Dixon was on the Council, he was a supporter of the Civic Center, and suddenly now he can only fight it--as usual.
   Concerning the road improvements on 124th NE: To again set the record straight, Mr. Dixon has his facts confused. The issue is not over whether or not to improve 124th, it is over how it shall be improved.
   Louise Miller in the county's budget would like a three-lane road similar to what they have done on 160th. The county's position is that it is not feasible to do the project unless the city participates.
   The City of Woodinville's Public Works Director and the City Manager have proposed to the council that the city only add left turn pockets at the entrances to Kingsgate and Kingswood and have a paved pedestrian trail along 124th.
   Personally, I would like to see the joint project with King County, and hope that the residents of the Ridge come to the City Council meeting when we discuss the Capital Improvement Program (please follow the preliminary agenda printed in the paper since the date has not been set yet; however, it is tentatively set for sometime in August or early September). I feel it is very important that the council know what the residents want for 124th.
   When I doorbelled for incorporation and the City Council, the main items I heard were that the citizens were worried about their taxes increasing, they wanted parks, and they wanted programs for our youth.
   The City Council has kept its commitment on not raising taxes. The tax rate for the city has remained at $1.60/$1000 since incorporation. At the same time, the county's tax rate has increased from $1.60 to $1.72.
   Buying the Sorenson Complex will allow us to have a Teen Center and other recreational programs for our youth. If we don't take advantage of this opportunity, the property including the ballfields will go away.
   Contrary to Mr. Dixon's letters, the Citizens Advisory Committee looked at other alternatives, and there are none. Please support the Bond Issue in September. Don't let Mr. Dixon's mumbo jumbo distort the facts.

Lucy DeYoung, Woodinville