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The real costs of civic center

civic center I really appreciate Deputy Mayor Don Brocha setting the record straight. Apparently the County Councilmember who told me that the city only had to put up $1.3 million told me a falsehood, which I repeated.
   Also for clarifying that REET (Real Estate Excise Tax) money can be used for other than roads. One of his examples was for a community center. My, my, didn't I suggest that the REET money was being squirreled away for a parking lot for the community center?
   He also pointed out that the necessary work on 124th Ave NE could be done for only $600,000. Where in the world did he get that one third of $1.8 million figure? I couldn't find it in the CIP (Capitol Improvement Projects).
   Come on Don, stand up and tell the voters that while the city is only asking for a $6 million bond issue, the real costs will be up to $15 million (or more with inflation) if the bond issue passes; and that you are the councilmember who suggested that the city try and get first right of refusal to buy three acres from the owners of the proposed parking lot (with REET money).
   Oh yes, while you are at it, tell the voters about the "Swimming Pool" that you raved about in a recent letter being an oversized wading pool with a maximum depth of four-and-a-half feet.
   For the record: Deputy Mayor Don Brocha knows that the CIP can be, and has been, changed at the will of the council.
   So much for relying on the CIP.

Bob Dixon, former city councilmember