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Perhaps printing letter was a test

a test? So, Minnie Russe had a bad experience with a male driver coming out of a driveway without signaling. Maybe twice. Certainly not more than that. Then she decided that not signaling was a characteristic of all men, apparently one that women are innocent of.
   She, of course, is wrong. If Minnie Russe believes this of all men, perhaps she is sexist. An anti-male sexist. Someone who ascribes a characteristic of one or two persons of a gender to the whole gender.
   Oh, I know. I realize that kind of bigotry is okay today, at least when one is speaking ill of men or at least for men who cause women trouble. Minnie Russe may be sexist, but is the Woodinville Weekly? You printed the letter and gave it a little headline. Would you print such an all-encompassing smear aimed at women? Maybe you were being satirical?
   Perhaps it was a test to see if your readership recognizes sexism in a different guise? Did I pass?

Paul Shaner, Kenmore