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Murray's voting record belies her professed concern

Murray's voting record Once again, Patty Murray has shown her two faces. She has just invited all Washington Veterans to a Town Hall Meeting with the Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Jesse Brown.
   As a member of the Senate Veterans' Affairs Committee, she tries to imply her concern about us. However, if you check her voting record, she has voted against two bills important to military retirees over 65: She voted against S.1487, Medicare Subvention (even on a test basis), which would have allowed Medicare, into which we are paying, to reimburse the military medical care system for our medical care expenses.
   She also voted against S.1651, which would have granted us the right to participate in Federal Employees Health Benefits Program (FEHPB). This is the plan that every federal employee, including Senators and Representatives, comes under. But apparently, it is too good for those of us who gave years of our lives to serving our country (most of us in either WWII or Korea, or both).
   The military health care system has reneged on the promises made to us since the date we entered the service, that of lifetime medical care upon retirement. We are now told to fall back on Medicare once we reach 65.
   Both of the above bills were intended to at least partially honor the government's promises. But she doesn't even care enough to try to help.
   Unfortunately, Senator Slade Gorton is no better, in that he, too, voted against both these bills. But at least he doesn't try to con us with false pretenses. I hope military retirees will let both of them know how we feel.

Roy Bleikamp, Woodinville