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Help save America's favorite pastime in Woodinville

America's pastime Baseball is, as many people say, "a great pastime," and I agree, it is. And what will happen to all the players and fans of baseball if all the fields are taken away? Go back to watching them on TV and not getting out in the sun?
   Also, I love softball, and I play. But I think that girls are capable of playing on a boys baseball team. I think by the year 2000, there will be a girl in the majors. I think if a girl wants to, and is capable, they should be able to join and have the same respect as guys.
   My friends and I are trying to get a guys and girls baseball league started. It sounds almost impossible, but we have some people who are interested in sponsoring us and who would supply insurance. And there are plenty of ways to earn money for equipment. Also, we have a sporting goods store which will order uniforms and gear for us.
   We don't know yet if we can pull it off, but we hope to, and if we do, it will be summertime baseball in the year of 1997. But the only thing in our way is if the vote is denied and if a company buys it and doesn't keep it as a diamond and makes it into a mall.
   As Councilmember Louise Miller said, "It would only cost the amount of two pizzas per family."
   Please help save America's favorite pastime in Woodinville.

Tracie Omestad, age 14, Woodinville