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Pipeline claims unsubstantiated

unsubstantiated claims My only letter to date has been about my opinion of Olympic Pipe Line's agent for Carnation. After reading the fine letters from Vickie Woods, Terri Carp, and JoAnn Klacsan, I decided it was my turn.
   The Mayor was right on when he said no benefit to Carnation. Construction companies bring their own crews, they don't hire local help. Since there is no lodging in Carnation, they will eat and drink where lodging is available.
   I was able to have access to Olympic's brochure, distributed at a Chamber of Commerce meeting: Thirty-two pages on both sides, many of them glossies, color pictures, charts, maps--to me, it was a lot of unsubstantiated claims.
   They claimed Tidewater Barge Lines created and funded Cascade Columbia Alliance, putting execs on the board. The only funding I've seen is Olympic's, for brochures and their hired community agents.
   They want truck distribution terminals along the way--how can that add up to less trucks?
   They claim a virtually perfect record of safety, yet there was a leak in March and a much greater one in June. It was found by a water company crew, not Olympic and their helicopter patrol. If they cannot take care of patrolling the present pipeline, how can they take on an additional 227 miles?
   The pipeline said one spill was due to heavy rains and shifting soil. Also, there were no earthquake faults along the route. One showed up close to Duvall, with an earthquake and aftershocks. Both show you cannot predict nature.
   There is talk of concern for the consumer availability and price. It sounds more like GREED to me.

Marguerite Ensley, Carnation