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Ninety in the '90s: Young at heart

Marjorie Lloyd

Marjorie Lloyd shares the secrets of her long life.
Photo by Matt Schroeder/Woodinville Weekly.

Ninety in the '90s by Matt Schroeder
   The Northshore Senior Center threw its first "Ninety in the '90s" party the afternoon of July 30. The center has over 150 members over 90 years old, and all were invited to attend the event.
   Along with refreshments, music, and entertainment, there were five over-90 guest speakers who shared bits of their lives and the ways they keep mentally and physically active.
   Helene Belcher celebrated her 91st birthday just days before her guest appearance. A Washington native, Belcher wanted to become a teacher in her youth, and did so later on. After retiring with her husband, the two scoured Washington for geological specimens to add to their collection. Belcher is still adding to the collection, and remains active with daily walks through a local park.
   When Marjorie Lloyd speaks about "her different lives," she refers to the many different roles she has played in life. Born in Wales, she became a registered nurse in 1930, despite the hardships of the European Depression. She was married to a doctor and raised two children while working in different parts of the world.
   In 1967, she and her husband traveled to New Zealand to build a geriatric care unit in the area's only hospital. After the passing of her husband, she spent eight years as a librarian before she came to Bothell, where she lives with one of her daughters, keeps a garden, helps raise champion English Bull Terriers, and plays piano for the Northshore Senior Songsters.
   The speakers attributed their long lives to many factors, including homeopathic medicine, staying active, living an interesting life, and surrounding themselves with friends.
   In the words of Marjorie Lloyd, "I'm having a good time, and I have no intention of dying anytime soon."