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Students on 'vacation with a purpose'

vacation with a purpose by Mina Hochberg
Pastor Craig Gorc of Bothell has taken a team of more than 15 college students from Cedar Park Assembly of God on a "Vacation with a Purpose."
   Nicole Bartlow of Mill Creek, Ty Gulstrom of Bothell, and Rosalyn Gorc, Craig's wife, are among those in Oradea, Romania, to "ameliorate the spiritual and physical needs of Romanian orphans," as Gorc put it.
   The team is working at three orphanages, with infants to preteens. Many orphans in Romania's crowded orphanages receive little love or attention. The students will provide a little of each through clowning acts and by holding babies in their arms.
   "We have the resources to make a dent," Gorc said. The team brought with them medical supplies donated by Swedish Hospital, 700 pairs of shoes, clothing, and more miscellaneous items.
   This year's team has been preparing for their trip twice a week for the last five months. According to Gorc, this entailed adjusting the Western mindset, "broadening our world concept of who we are in relation to other countries," language education, and team building.
   Gorc has been holding relief expeditions for six years and plans to visit Honduras and China next year.
   For further information or to make donations, contact Cedar Park Church in Bothell.