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Woodinville car prowler returns to scene of crime, nabbed again

car prowler nabbed again by Jeff Switzer
The same man taken into custody the previous week while prowling cars in the La Chardonnay apartment complex in Woodinville was caught again on Aug. 6 at the same place.
   The sound of breaking glass at about 3:30 a.m. alerted a resident of the Washington Square complex, who then reportedly looked out of an apartment window to witness the 21-year-old Seattle man breaking into a car.
   The resident called police, and Vader, the K-9 unit, tracked the suspect to the La Chardonnay complex. There, a resident directed police to the same location at which the man had been discovered the previous week in the process of removing a stereo from a vehicle. He was allegedly in possession of several other stereos and stereo faceplates at that time.
   The suspect had been booked the previous week and then released pending court proceedings. He was booked again Aug. 6 into King County Jail for second-degree theft and second-degree malicious mischief after being caught the second time, by two of the same officers who responded to the previous call. A request was submitted to hold the suspect longer.
   The arrest took place the day after a presentation was made by the Woodinville City Council and police recognizing the La Chardonnay resident for her assistance on July 28 in apprehending the Seattle man.