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Police & Fire Beat by Jeff Switzer
Two Woodinville residents, ages 18 and 13, allegedly attempted to pass a forged check Aug. 6 at the Woodinville Auto Auction as a down payment for a car. Staff called the bank, which showed insufficient funds, and then called the name on the check, who reported it stolen and forged. Police were called and booked the 18-year-old into King County Jail, releasing the 13-year-old to his mother.
   Police responded to the report of a drug overdose at the La Chardonnay Apartments Aug. 7 at 5:30 p.m. where a 21-year-old Woodinville woman allegedly took 30 Excedrin and then called her friends informing them that she was about to pass out. After her friends arrived, they called 911 and Woodinville Fire transported her, conscious and vomiting, to Evergreen for further treatment.

Fire crews respond
   On Aug. 5, Woodinville fire crews responded to an early-morning automatic residential fire alarm in the 16300 block of 126th Avenue N.E. in the Kingsgate area of Woodinville. Upon arrival, crews found an unoccupied structure fully charged with smoke and called for backup from Kirkland and Bothell.
   Power had been out in the area since 5:30 a.m. Protected by a "monitored" smoke detection system, the automatic alarm did not sound until power was restored at 7:30 a.m.
   Officials determined that the fire started in the electrical system of a stereo or VCR in the corner. They believe the fire smoldered for an extended period of time, allowing a great deal of heat and smoke to build up, which caused extensive damage to the interior.
   Damage estimates approach $100,000, though no significant structural damage resulted.