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'That square building' by the White Stallion

vacant building

White Stallion building stands vacant still.
Photo by Mina Hochberg/Woodinville Weekly.

vacant building by Mina Hochberg
It's a familiar landmark. But to many, it has probably become at least a curious landmark. "It" is the 2400-square-foot building on the White Stallion corner of Woodinville-Duvall Road, which a variety of businesses have called home throughout the last fifteen years.
   Previous owners Jack Romain and Ralth Flewelling estimate that the building was erected between 1977 and 1980. Back then, the complex was a Shell gas station and Zip's Market. Romain and Flewelling are the co-founders and owners of Zip's.
   According to Flewelling, Zip's was faring well until the Safeway complex was built further on down the road. It was then that the partners decided to move their business and lease the building out.
   Since then, two video stores, a mattress store, and a used auto dealership have been in and out of the place.
   High school students and blurry-eyed commuters pass the building every day, which provokes the question of why it has never housed an espresso cafe or fast food restaurant.
   "There are several (fast food businesses) that would have loved to go in there," said Flewelling. But as of yet, the building is not connected to a sewer line, which the Public Health Department requires to open a food business.
   Current owner Dew Lee plans to lease the building out again, remodel the gas station, and is trying to put in a sewer line. Besides that, however, only time will tell what business will next call the place home.