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Correction to my letter of August 12

letter corrected I am obligated to correct a statement I made in my letter published by you August 12. I misinterpreted information I had, and stated that our two Washington Senators voted against two bills important to Military Retirees over 65, S. 1487 and S. 1651.
   The former of these bills, Medicare Subvention (on a test basis), will allow Medicare, into which we are paying, to reimburse the military medical care system for our medical care expenses. The latter, S. 1651, will grant us the right to participate in Federal Employees Health Benefits Program (FEHPB). This is the plan that every federal employee, including Senators and Representatives, comes under.
   Actually, neither of these bills have yet been brought to the floor for a vote. I should have stated that the Senators have not actively supported these bills, and have not signed on as co-sponsors. I apologize for my error and misstatement.
   However, this is really BETTER NEWS, because retirees still have the chance to contact our Senators (and congressmen), to URGE them to support and co-sponsor the bills.

Roy Bliekamp, Woodinville