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For the record on Sorenson property

Sorenson property This is a letter from another "former City Councilmember" who has gotten a little frustrated with some of Bob Dixon's writings attacking the purchase of the Sorenson property and playfields.
   Since Bob wants things "on the record," let's do just that.
   For the record, at the July 8th City Council meeting, Bob Dixon and I saw each other for the first time since we mutually left office at the end of last year. We talked pleasantly for a bit, but then the discussion moved to the Sorenson vote. And before I could say much of anything, Bob Dixon told me that he was "...going to wreck the election because the council doesn't listen to him."
   That made me pretty sad, and I told him so. It made me sad that someone who had once worked for something would say that he now wanted to trash it, because he wasn't getting enough attention paid to him. It made me sad that someone could possibly disregard the impact on the community in an effort to salve a wounded ego.
   You may be asking yourself, "Where would Bob Dixon get the power to wreck the election?" It's a good question, with another sad answer. Bob knows, as do I, that the way you beat something is to throw so many questions and negatives that people lose sight of the real issue. You create just enough confusion so that folks decide to either vote against something, or to not vote at all, because they just don't feel comfortable.
   Folks, there is really only one issue here. The Sorenson complex and everything in it, the old School, and the ballfields are for sale. The community has the option to buy them from the School District, or to see them ultimately sold to commercial developers. They are all for sale now. You get to make the choice.
   Everything else that's been tossed out ranges in probability between "quite possible" to "just about as likely as Jupiter exploding next Tuesday." There's a lot of information and facts that you will be receiving over the next few weeks. Please read it all, and make an informed decision for the community.
   And just for the record, yes: I'm "officially" on the other side of the fence from Mr. Dixon on this issue. I don't understand his motivations, but I am very clear about mine. And I can assure you that they haven't got anything to do with Bob.
   They've got everything to do with the future of Woodinville.

Mark Jessup, Woodinville