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Civic Center: gateway to Heritage Corridor

Civic Center Over the past 9 months, I have been involved in developing a Heritage Corridor plan for State Route 202, looking at possibilities for heritage interpretation along the highway corridor from Woodinville to North Bend.
   From a Woodinville perspective, I've seen the great potential that our city has as the gateway to the Heritage Corridor, and the value that the Sorenson complex has as the center that welcomes visitors to our area.
   We have the opportunity to capture a block of land that unites the Jerry Wilmont Park, the Woodinville Memorial Park, and the Woodinville schoolhouse as an active center that captures the spirit and enthusiasm of Woodinville. The Tourism Partnership sees this site as a point where visitors and residents alike can find information about our city, its attractions, and activities.
   Woodinville Proposition #1 on the September 17 ballot is a decision point for the city and for the Heritage Corridor planning. Do visitors to our city find a bustling community center, park, and sports? Or do they find a sign which sends them off to the wineries?
   Keep the Heart in Woodinville. Vote "YES:" Woodinville Proposition #1.

Don Julien, SR-202 Heritage Corridor