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Support for Civic Center

Civic Center Time is fast approaching when we residents of Woodinville will have to make a decision that will affect all of us for years to come. I am referring to the September election when the Civic Center will be on the ballot again.
   Many people are going to say, "It's been voted down once, why bring it up again?" And that is a fair question. The answer, I believe, is that it is too important an issue to just forget about.
   In spite of all of Mr. Dixon's ravings (all of which have been disputed by different Council members), it is something we only have a chance to do once in our lifetime. We are property owners in this city and I am willing to tax myself to pay for a Civic Center. I am 76 years old and probably won't get much use from a Civic Center, but I feel I have a duty to the oncoming generation to provide them with something they will use and enjoy for years to come. The athletic fields alone would be a disaster to lose.
   I would ask all fair-minded voters who voted "no" the last time to reconsider their vote. Read all you can about this issue--get a copy of the Citizen's Advisory Panel's report before you vote, rather then just vote "no" because of something that Bob Dixon said. It is too important a question to shrug off.

George Behrend, Woodinville