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Muncie Moms celebrate their fifth reunion as chaperones

Muncie Moms

Left to right: Nancy Amondson Pitts, Lynn Anderson, Carolyn Beal, Sandy Cobb, Stephanie Cosgrove, and Barbara Afanador (seated on the couch arm).

Muncie Moms The annual International Thespian Festival has done more than serve as an honor and stage for superior high school theater companies. The event has served to create a group known as the Muncie Moms.
   In June of 1991, the Woodinville High School Theater Company was chosen to perform at the festival, then held in Muncie, Indiana. Along with the group went eight chaperones.
   Two of them were men, Joe Afanador and Don McCune. The other six were women who became close friends and are still known as the Muncie Moms.
   During the last five years, the group has continued to meet eight to ten times a year. They share pictures and activities of their children and the happenings in their own lives.
   The Moms celebrated their 5th year reunion this June with a potluck dinner at which all six were in attendance.
   Barbara Afanador, one of the moms, pointed out that they were the last of the possible Muncie Moms because the festival is now held in Lincoln, Nebraska. "A more recent group of chaperones would have to change the name to the Lincoln Ladies," she said.