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Irrigation inspections required

irrigation inspections by Woodinville Weekly staff
WOODINVILLE--The water district has begun notifying home owners who have irrigation systems about the state-required $50 to $100 annual inspection of "double-check valve assemblies" which prevent garden and lawn chemicals from entering the drinking supply.
   The check would be required for any "buried pipe or sprinkler system with heads; anything connected to the potable water system."
   According to the Water District's July-August 1996 newsletter, problems arise when the system has a bad double check valve assembly, or none at all, which could lead to a cross-connection allowing water to backflow and mix with drinking water.
   Ken King, operations and maintenance manager for the water district, said that if a main break occurs down the line from a sprinkler head where fertilizers and chemicals have pooled, the break could cause those chemicals to be sucked into the drinking water system, contaminating it.
   The state requires that a certified backflow tester, costing as much as $100, test the valve annually. After field staff determine that a homeowner has an irrigation system, the owner is sent a letter and given 30 days to test the system and notify the district.
   Water service to the property can be disconnected if the owner fails to meet the requirements.
   For additional information, call Kathy Caldwell, Water Quality/Cross Connection Specialist, at 483-9104, ext. 321.