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Government information now quickly available

info kiosk

Josh Ring, library associate at Bothell Regional Library, demonstrates the Washington Information Network kiosk's touch screen and printout capabilities.
Photo by Jeff Switzer/Woodinville Weekly.

info kiosk Impressive graphics, a real-time guide, and built-in speakers are a few of the features of the system which can bring you competing insurance rates throughout the state, job searches, and a guide to state government, and may bring you your drivers license picture and automobile tabs in the future.
   Bothell-area residents can now walk up to the Washington Information Network kiosk at the Bothell Regional Library, the only location in the King County system, and access government information and services simply by touching a computer screen.
   Rated in 1995 as 1 of the 100 best uses of information technology in the world by Computerworld magazine, the WIN interactive system is located in shopping malls, grocery stores, libraries, and other public locations.
   WIN offers a wide range of government services such as on-line job searches, auto insurance rate information, searches of unclaimed property, state park information, and much more. It is one of the first kiosk systems in the nation to involve state, local, and federal agencies in providing services when and where people need it, 24 hours a day, in English and Spanish.