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Woodinville Fire & Life Safety District timeline and accomplishments of Chief Jim Davis

Chief Jim Davis by Mary Baum
As Chairperson for the Woodinville Fire and Life Safety District Citizen's Advisory Committee since 1984, I have been concerned about the recent actions of the newly-elected Woodinville Fire Commissioners.
   Chief Jim Davis is reportedly leaving our district as of September 15, 1996. I see this as a direct result of a series of actions taken by our elected fire commissioners.
   For the record, I would like to provide a timeline of the actions and accomplishments of the district as I know them, and encourage those citizens who share my concern to attend the Fire Commissioner's meeting on Tuesday, September 3, at district headquarters, 19900 144th Ave. NE.
   Whatever the outcome, I want to personally thank Chief Jim Davis for the outstanding contribution he has made to our community, not only as a fire chief bringing our fire department to be considered one of the best in the state, but also as an active citizen in the Woodinville community.


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