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Mayor advises a careful look before voting

look before voting Please take a long hard look at the factual information supplied to you by the City of Woodinville regarding the September 17 Sorenson Property vote. By law, this information can only be informative and factual. It cannot be slanted in any way.
   As a private citizen, I can and do urge you to look at the facts. The information supplied by the City includes just the facts.
   Please look at all the activities going on there now, and the Citizens' Group vision of the future. We cannot afford to let the property be sold to developers. They must make a profit, and that means developing the property to its highest and best use (multifamily housing and retail stores).
   The City (that means you) has the ability to preserve historical buildings, recreation space, and viable government office and meeting space. We do not have to make a profit, but we must expend our taxes wisely. I believe this a wise expenditure of taxes.
   When running for the first City Council, I stated that if elected, I would not automatically raise taxes 106% of the previous year's budget. I stated that the citizens would have to vote to raise the taxes for facilities and additional programs they wanted.
   I have kept that promise, and I am now asking you to vote "yes" on the Woodinville Community Center on September 17. We need to preserve "The Heart of Woodinville."
   Always remember that it is up to you--be informed--know the facts--and vote September 17.

Bob Miller, Mayor, City of Woodinville