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A response on the Sorenson complex

Sorenson complex  When we both were on the City Council, I had felt that Mark Jessup, of all my fellow Councilmembers, would at least listen to me, and that we had a dialog.
   I was saddened by his letter to the editor in the August 19th edition. He, too, has done some selective hearing. What I said to Mark was:
   "The Council has refused to listen to me when I suggested that they consider alternatives to the Sorenson Center. Had they done so and come up with a reasonable alternative, they may have received my support. And that because of their biased determination to buy Sorenson Complex, and not to consider alternatives, I am against it."
   Apparently he has filtered out all except what he (as the proponent for the bond issue on the ballot next month) wanted to hear. The resentment that exists on the part of some members of the Council towards me has apparently now infected Mark Jessup, and that I regret.
   While I respect Mark's sincerity in being for the bond issue, I find it curious that he questions my sincerity in being against it.
   As a concerned, taxpaying citizen of Woodinville, I have raised serious questions about the bond issue. As a result, I have been labeled "stupid," a "naysayer," a "misrepresenter," "uninformed," and now a "wrecker."
   Surely the "power elite of Woodinville" will be able to come up with some more adjectives in the coming weeks. They apparently feel that the Woodinville voters should hear only that the bond issue be passed and hear no arguments against it. Are they trying to shift the focus from the real issue by belittling me?
   I believe that while some residents and those who stand to profit from the development of the Sorenson Center into a complex are for it, the taxpaying residents of Woodinville do not need, and should not pay for, a fifteen-million-dollar entertainment center for use by the entire Northshore area, 80% of whom do not live in the City of Woodinville.
   All we want, and need, is a City Hall.

Bob Dixon, Woodinville