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Kites and fun at Senior Center

Senior Center I took the time out to have fun today. Instead of watching TV's coverage of the news, I picked up my grandkids and headed for the Northshore Senior Center, where Dan Schwenk, "the Kite Man," showed us some spectacular samples of kites.
   We, along with other grandparents and grandkids, listened as Dan taught us the history of kites, then demonstrated how to make our own. He then passed out kite kits so we could create our own. Enthusiasm was contageous and we were eager to get started on our personal designs. Then we ran out to test kites in the prevailing winds.
   The Center is filled with lively programs, this being only one of them. This is one unique place where the saying, "It's never too late to have a happy childhood," really applies. Thank you, Northshore Senior Center.

Louise Fontaine, Woodinville