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Cultural Education Awards

Cultural Education Awards Northshore School District has benefited from two cultural education awards approved by the King County Council and Executive Gary Locke.
   All district schools will participate in trips to the Seattle Art Museum, and Cottage Lake Elementary and Eastridge Elementary will attend programs in Co-Motion Dance.
   The Cultural Education Program is funded through a portion of hotel/motel tax revenues. It is the only regional public funding program which brings together cultural professionals and schools to design ongoing curriculum projects and creative approaches to learning. Other projects selected involve language, mathematics, science, history, social studies, and the arts.
   The awards are based on the recommendations of the King County Cultural Education Advisory Committee, the Arts Commission, and Landmarks and Heritage Commission, which forward their recommendations to the King County Council for final approval.
   "These projects go beyond museum field trips, Locke said. "They give students exciting hands-on opportunities with professional artists and historians to encourage creativity and enhance learning."