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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor are welcome and encouraged. Please send them to us at: P.O. Box 587 or 17936 Woodinville-Snohomish Rd.; Woodinville, WA 98072; or deliver them to our office. They may also be faxed to (206) 486-7593. Letters must be signed and must include a daytime telephone number for confirmation. They may be edited.

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We can't afford to lose Sorenson complex

  Just because I spent three years sitting in the bleachers watching my son Nicholas playing Little League on the ballfields at Sorenson ...

'Educational' mailings cost taxpayers

educational mailings The City of Woodinville has mailed out two Citizen Information Brochures in less than two weeks and is planning on mailing out another one four days before the election to make sure that all our citizens get "Educated."

Nonresident users invest time and energy

Sorenson complex By the time this newspaper hits the doorstep, an unprecedented number of absentee ballots will be in the hands of voters. For those of you who have chosen the convenience of voting by mail, let me beg a moment of your time.

Woodinville can be a first class city by passing bond issue

bond issue A former City Councilman has written a number of letters to you decrying what a waste of taxpayer dollars it would be for the city to purchase the Sorenson School and surrounding properties for a civic center site.

Sorenson project will benefit future generations

Sorenson complex I lived in Woodinville in the late '60s and early '70s, and still own property in the city. Incorporation or no incorporation was controversial. The votes were close.

Once we've paid for it, it's ours

Sorenson complex Isn't six million a lot of money to spend on a community center? How can I bring myself to vote "yes" on this issue when I have such a hard time justifying expenses for road improvements costing well under this amount?

More questions about bike trail proposal

bike trail proposal Your article on the proposed bike trail (Aug. 19) did not ask some crucial questions.

The price of a rezone

rezoning What's the going price to buy support for a project in King County despite strong community opposition?

County bond issue just the beginning

county bond issue Beware approving the September $215 million parks/open space bonds and the November $3.9 billion transit funding. They're just the beginning.

Give the other guy (or gal) a break

give others a break I am getting sick of reading these letters to the editor about the people who "refuse" to signal while turning ...